Designing Solutions With Excellence And A Focus On Serving Our Clients

JAG Design Ideas is a design studio specializing in graphic artwork and design for the mediums of print and web. Our business is based on two fundamentals:

Excellence. We believe in doing work with excellence, putting our best into every project, and utilizing our skills and abilities to their fullest.

Customer Service. We believe in doing work that truly adds value to the Clients that hire us.

Design has been explained as the process of creating order out of chaos. We love taking our Clients raw materials and creating a solution by bringing order to what they already possess. We help our Clients achieve their goals by organizing their message so it can be effective.

We are really passionate about visual communication and crafting solutions through design. Not all the world's problems can be solved with design, but the problems many businesses face today can be addressed with a design related perspective. We'd like to help you achieve your goal by creating a solution for you.

Pretty Ordinary Guy, Extra Ordinary Super Powers

image of me standing tall and looking quite dapper

Joel Andrew Glovier is a multi-disciplinary graphic designer with a passion for creating visual communication. He has been doing art since he was a kid, and graphic design since 2004 when he landed his first freelance client fresh out of college. His marketing background started at Liberty University where he earned a degree in Communications with an emphasis on advertising and public relations. He has worked in varying industries from sales, to public relations for the non-profit sector.

Joel grew up in southwestern Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh. He's been into art since childhood when he started sketching the characters he saw in comic books. He's had a fascination with technology since he discovered his first Popular Science magazine on the racks of the grocery store's magazine stand as a kid. As a teenager he was artistically inspired by many things from hip-hop culture to his Christian faith. But it wasn't until after college that he realized there was potential for him to make a career out of his creativity.

Started in 2007, JAG Design Ideas was really born out of a need to have a vehicle for Joel's freelance work. Having worked various positions from PR for the non-profit sector to sales, all while trying to freelance on the side, Joel finally decided it was time to carry out his passion for design in a full time capacity. He resigned from his then current role as Assistant Director of Admissions at EDMC in Pittsburgh's Strip District to build a small business. The long term goal for JAG is to build a design services based business that can support Joel and his family.

There are many other imortant things in life that Joel values greatly, such as his relationship with God, his wife and family, and several athletic and other creative outlets. Joel's been a skateboarder since he was an early teenager, and has been into exercise and fitness since college. He is also passionate about reaching out to others, and has spent alot of time working with youth in various capacities, and he enjoys studying the Greek language.

Obviously, Joel possesses no super powers. But he has realized the lasting value of using every ability as though it is extraordinary.